Starting over is hard

My writing tools for productive work: pencil and pen.
My writing tools for productive work: pencil and pen. * Caption example.

Everyone I know has had to start over with something at some point in their lives.
Whether it’s a project that didn’t go according to plan, a job that wasn’t quite what
was expected or even a relationship that wasn’t working out. We’ve all been there.

It feels like I’ve been starting over in so many areas of my life over the past 10
years. And, to be completely honest, I’m tired. Tired of the change, tired of
adjusting to new circumstances, tired of the hellos and the goodbyes.

And yet, here I am, starting over.

In March 2024 I moved back to Munich, Germany where I’m slowly rebuilding my
life, one day at a time. And, as one does, I am returning to a deep calling to create,
to make, to observe and to express. Although I’ve tried to, this drive lies so deep
and is so fundamental to my being that I’m unable to suppress it.

There’s a wonderful community culture centre just around the corner from me and I
recently plucked up the courage to go in and see what they have to offer. There are
bright rooms filled with paintings, rooms for music and dance, a workshop for art
and household repairs and a large garden with green benches under majestic trees
for socialising. As I strolled through the passages and walked the paths, I couldn’t
help but catch myself asking “How lucky can one get?”.

With the summer solstice coming up, I’m looking forward to making new
connections, unpacking my art materials and equipment from their boxes and
starting again. Drawing the first line across a white sheet of paper, moulding the
first ball of clay and forming the first sheet of metal. I feel the anticipation of the
beginning, the uncertainty of the outcome, the curiosity of revealing of one’s soul.

On these pages you will find my journey; past and present. I hope you will join me
on this adventure

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