Reflecting on the Munich Jewellery Week 2017

A hectic afternoon
On a cool March afternoon more than 10 strangers met in a bare room. Or rather, were busily unpacking, sorting, measuring and hammering. Jewellery pieces emerged soon enough. Each finding their temporary resting places on the walls and surfaces of Galerie Trampler. Three miniature landscapes containing my jewellery pieces were placed on their pedestals near the entrance.

Few of the participants knew each other before being brought together by the organizers of ‘Initiation 2017’ for the Munich Jewellery Week from 8-11 March 2017. By the time the exhibition opened on the evening of the 8th, first introductions had been made and my curiosity had been stirred. A mixed bunch we were, all from different backgrounds and from 6 different countries!

Into the rhythm
Typically changeable Munich weather luckily didn’t prevent any visitors from finding us. Whether in driving rain or under clear sunny skies, come they did!

From Thursday to Saturday we saw a continuing stream of art critics, collectors, jewellery lovers, students and fellow jewellers marvel at the unique pieces on show. And not only English was spoken. Lively conversations were held in Italian, Spanish, German. When all else failed, we used the internationally understood language of gestures and simple words.

It felt as though the wonderful people that stopped by to listen to my passionate narrative of how the human landscape completes the natural landscape, left as friends. A common understanding, of jewellery not only as adornment, but also as bearer of emotion linked to nature, now joined us as if belonging to a secret club of ‘the informed’.

What impressed me most about the Munich Jewellery Week was the vast and diverse range of materials, manufacturing methods, exhibition methods and artists that participated. Just a short walk from our gallery, one could see artists from Japan, Australia, England, America, etc. etc. etc! No two artists produced even vaguely similar work. A feast for the eye and truly inspiring, not only for me, but also for other artists exhibiting during the event.

After these few but intense days, it was with a sense of relief and sadness that we, the artists of Initiation 2017, joined each other in a celebratory glass of wine on Saturday evening. I have made new friends, expanded my horizons and met so many wonderful people during this time. Already the effects are visible in my work – keep an eye out on my website and social media accounts for new pieces.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Jewellery Week. Save the date! 07–13 March 2018.

For more about the artists at the ‘Initiation 2017’ exhibition, click here.

About the Munich Jewellery Week

Parallel to the Internationale Handwerkermesse (IHM) in Riem, Munich, Current Obsessions Magazine facilitates the Munich Jewellery Week. They produce a newspaper and map on which all registered exhibitions are shown. They also arrange artists meetings and other networking events.

At the IHM fair one hall primarily houses art jewellery, galleries and art institutions. Several competitions culminate with prize giving events at the IHM at this time.

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