Why so quiet?

Silence is only when we sleep. Or do you dream in sound?

The bustle of the day fills my ears from the moment I wake. Traffic, birds, pets and people talking. There is no silence or quiet.

For the past months my life journey has taken many new turns, with a multitude of questions asked, answered and unanswered and even more moments of intense beauty. It is in these individual moments of acute awareness that I find strength, inspiration and love. In them I am truly alive.

Only a short while ago I was exploring the cultural richness of Mexico. Now I am immersing myself in my own and my birthplace’s history. Rediscovering languages, places, people and passions. We are never separate from our past. Embedded irrevocably in our beings are the memories, emotions and thoughts from the past; many subconscious but still part of us. Waiting for the right moment to reemerge in rich colours, sounds and smells.

As I sit under a skeleton tree that is starting to push out small leaf buds in preparation for spring, listening to the birds happily chirping and enjoying an apple I put out for them earlier, I am thankful for all the creative minds that surround me. Yes, the creative journey continues as it always has.

I will be exhibiting Wearable Art as part of a collaborative effort with some truly inspirational (South) African artists later this year. Working in two and three dimensions, around eight of us have started our joint creative explorations and I am privileged to be part of such a dynamic group.

Pretty soon I will be able to announce the names of the participating artists. You’ll be introduced to this special group and can follow our journey to exceptional artworks. In the meantime, keep a look out for posts on Facebook and Instagram and be part of our journey!

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