Das Licht’ – Diamond Pendant Commission

Recently I accompanied a special woman (I will call her M) on a creative journey that resulted in a spectacularly beautiful diamond pendant.

The idea
M had the initial idea some time ago, and we followed up with a first exploratory session, discussing shapes, forms, ideas and emotions, trying different perspectives to see what insights we could gain. This was followed by an intensive afternoon working together. We were searching for forms, materials and texture, constantly sensitive to the magic of the creative process. In her garden we found beautiful leaves, twigs and flowers that announced their willingness to participate. The stone, an uncut diamond with sparkling inclusions, has a strong presence and character, a voice that needs to be heard.

After some searching, matching and experimenting, the stone found its setting. Finally it was time to bring all the aspects of the pieces together in the form of a pendant.

Coming together
The result is a beautiful, light setting that allows the stone to shine and glitter, while carefully cradling and protecting it. The pendant is only complete when it rests contently, gorgeously, against M’s skin. She looks fantastic wearing it. Its name, ‘Das Licht’ or ‘The Light’, captures the many facets of this unique piece.

It was an amazing and satisfying experience working with M.

Interested in going on your own creative journey?

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