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Current Inspiration

I discovered jewellery almost by accident but was immediately fascinated by the possibilities of the material. Making objects that are beautiful and that can give the wearer the same sense of wonder that I have for nature is very satisfying.

Currently themes involve birds, grasses, seed pods, shadows and branches. I work with objects and drawings that emerge from daily discoveries in nature around me. The beauty, diversity and life force of nature constantly inspires me.

During the process of creating the jewellery, the larger landscape of nature is transformed into miniature landscapes, contained in pieces of silver. It is my sincere wish that the miniature landscapes fill the wearer with joy, with a closeness to nature that I too, treasure so much.

When exhibiting, I display works in the context of other items or drawings that extend their meaning beyond jewellery alone. Partially because the process of making is important, but also because nature cannot be confined to one element; it is multi-faceted and rich. Just like us. Therefore I almost always make “Collections”, of “Artifacts”  that complement each other and express different facets of the theme.

Techniques I work with at the moment include classical soldering and forming techniques, lost wax casting, knitting and enameling.