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The Serpent

For this commission we created a totem, a signal of female strength and power.

Early Summer Brooch

A beautiful brooch to accompany you and lift your spirits.

Fly Away Neck Piece – Halsschmuck

Allow nature to envelop you with its energy. Beautiful and unique neck piece.

Summer Ring

A beautiful handmade textured ring with an aventurine quartz stone.

Hold Me (Geborgenheit) Pendant

The ones we hold dear are close to our hearts.

Spring Seed Pods Pendant

Beautifully crafted pendant mixing enamelling and casting techniques.

‘Das Licht’ – Diamond Pendant Commission

A stunning uncut diamond, beautifully set as part of a joint creative journey. We were inspired by natural materials and forms; the result is this shimmering pendant.

‘The Wave’ – Pendant Commission

A unique sea shell is transformed into a pendant as a commissioned work of wearable art. The silver waves cradle the shell beautifully on both sides.

Grassy Meadow Brooch

Outside in nature we are free. Walk the fields, smell the earth and the grass. The Grassy Meadow accompanies you on your journey.

Marions Erfahrung

(Post in German): Marion describes her experience with unique and wearable art.

Collection Eragrostis Grass Seeds

A beautiful and unique piece to complement your own beauty. Close to you and intimate with nature, let this piece warm your heart.

Casting Shadows Collection (Earrings – Late Afternoon)

Shadows and textures, light and dark, the interplay between day and night. These unique earrings catch the light, cast their shadows alongside yours.

Casting Shadows Collection (Pendant – Duality)

Shadows and silhouettes are continuous themes in my work. Pendants in the Casting Shadows range echo trees, twigs and natural shapes.

Casting Shadows Collection (Pendant – My Way)

Follow your dreams and tread your own path. Connect to your inner motions with this beautiful pendant.

Spring Nest Jewellery Set

Spring brings with it the anticipation of beauty, of possibilities and of optimism. The Spring Nest shares your optimism and accompanies you beautifully.

Casting Shadows Collection (Pendant – Meander)

Freedom to move and flow with life’s energy. This beautifully carved pendant shares your meanderings passionately.

Casting Shadows Collection (Pendant – Tangle)

Complex and multi-faceted. Our lives change and take a different direction so often. Capture its energy.

Bird Shadows Jewellery Set

Gliding against the bright blue sky, the dark shadows of the birds make you wish you could fly too. Connect with your own freedom and fly free.

Grasses in the Wind Jewellery Set

A stormy afternoon is captured in this unique set where each surface is different to the others. Hand drawn and eye-catching.

Winter Nest Jewellery Set

The Winter Nest is not a shy piece of jewellery. It is bold, confident and beautiful. Wear it with style.